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Virtual Office in Brazil

Virtual Office in Brazil

The virtual office is a type of service that allows the company to have a physical address and to retain most of the regular office amenities, without the need to rent the space for long-term purposes or be concerned with administrative requirements.
A company can benefit from having a virtual office in Brazil and the related services on request. In this matter, the representative of the office can manage all kinds of reception and secretary services and can provide general information about your company to future clients or collaborators. There are numerous business solutions our team can offer, and for a better understanding of how a virtual office works, our company formation specialists in Brazil can offer support. Our team is at your disposal if you want to set up a company in Brazil, whether a limited liability company, a partnership, or a branch.

 Quick Facts  
Best used for

Start-ups, small and medium companies that are not location dependent, companies using a hybrid work model

Virtual office in Brazil advantages 

Companies can build a local presence at lower costs compared to renting/maintaining a traditional office space
Registered address option   Yes

Central locations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and in other cities

Coworking spaces Yes
Individual offices 


Meeting rooms


Connectivity High speed Wi-Fi
Facilities in Brazil Fully furnished offices, different sized meeting rooms, vending machines, break areas and other professional business solutions
Secretary services Upon request. Dedicated secretary services can be subject to more premium packages for a virtual office in Brazil
Local business telephone Upon request
Rent duration 1, 6, 12 months in most cases
Special packages/plans Yes, upon request, as per the virtual office in Brazil provider. Can include preferential access to meeting room space and other premium facilities
Approximate virtual office costs in Brazil Can start at BRL 190 per month
Change from traditional office to virtual office in Brazil Yes, possible for an already registered company. Our team in Brazil can help you make the transition

Services available through a virtual office in Brazil

virtual office in Brazil is acquired in the form of a package with customized services for your business. When selecting this service, a representative or an assistant takes care of the following matters:

•    provides a notable business address;
•    answers and directs phone calls;
•    verifies the email and correspondence; 
•    offer general information about your company;
•    deals with faxes and receives voicemail;
•    prepare a conference room for business meetings with partners.

virtual office can be a proper image of your business, as our staff is ready to offer suitable business solutions according to your needs and requirements. As for the company formation in Brazil, you can solicit help and assistance when drafting the documents for your enterprise in the country and apply for the needed licenses and permits. 

The use of a virtual office for a branch in Brazil can be a suitable option for the company, depending on the industry in which it activates. If applicable in their case, the virtual office will help reduce the business overhead (the ongoing business expenses). If you are the owner or representative of a foreign company and wish to know more about how to open a branch in Brazil, our team can help you.

The virtual office can be a suitable solution for investors who are just considering the option to open a company in Brazil, as well as for those who wish to change the way in which their company operates. Switching to a hybrid work model that involves both remote work and office work can be suitable for many companies. You can reach out to us if you need more information.

Additional services related to a virtual office in Brazil

A wide range of communication services can be offered on request by our team of company incorporation agents in Brazil, starting with a local phone number for your business and a private one for other purposes. Our team can take the messages from the clients through voicemail and call redirection services, alongside fax services.

The advantages of a virtual office in Brazil

A virtual office in Brazil can offer the service of taking care of the bank statements and redirecting them to their clients. Besides this benefit, we remind that a virtual office is subject to low expenses compared to a traditional one and there is no need for several employees. 

We are specialists in company incorporation in Brazil who can also provide you with details about how to obtain a virtual office in Brazil, therefore, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Company formation in Brazil

The choice to operate via a virtual office is only one of the choices to be made in the course of opening a business in Brazil. Companies need to observe certain rules,  and foreign nationals are permitted to act as shareholders in a company, however, the business will also need a representative to be a resident. This is a particular requirement for which our team of Brazil company formation agents can give you more details.

Below, we list the main steps needed to open a company:

  1. Choose the business form: the most commonly used business form is the limited liability company (LLC); an alternative is to open a corporation, which is governed by more complex rules and generally requires a larger capital for incorporation and upkeep; our team can give you complete details about the applicable differences;
  2. Prepare the company documents: these are the company’s constitutive documents that include information about the chosen business form, name, scope, industry, registered office in Brazil, shareholding structure, representatives, and other details;
  3. Register the business: the LLC or the corporation is registered with the Board of Trade by submitting the Articles of Association; the shareholders execute the deed of incorporation and file it with the Board;
  4. Make other needed registrations: the company is then registered with the Federal Revenue Office and with other state authorities, as needed for special purposes (licensing in certain business fields, such as for companies in the financial sector).

Our company formation experts in Brazil can help you draw up the incorporation documents as well as perform the needed name-checks before registering the company. Once the company is registered, a subsequent step is to request an operating license from the City Hall. We can also help you make this additional submission, which will include providing documents such as the filled-in Municipality form, address approval, a copy of the issued company registration number, a copy of the Articles of Association, and others.

A subsequent important registration for the company is with the Social Security Institute, within 30 days of starting the business activities. Our team can give you more details about these steps.

If you choose to run the business via a virtual office in Brazil, you can indicate this as soon as you draw up the Articles of Association. In most cases, the address of the virtual office location (usually a modern office building in a central location) can be used for registration purposes. Alternatively, you can use another address as the registered office, bearing in mind that it needs to be located in Brazil. In this case, the virtual office’s address will be communicated to clients and business partners and used for business meetings and team meetings, and work, as needed.

Brazil quick facts for companies

Do you wish to open a company in Brazil? The list below includes a series of quick facts regarding taxation and incorporation which are of interest to investors. Do not hesitate to ask out company formation experts for more details, as needed.

  • The time needed to open a company: approximately 14 days; with our help, you will make sure that the documents you submit are in order;
  • Corporate income tax rate: the corporate income tax has a standard rate of 15%, however, a surtax applies and social contributions are also payable, bringing the effective tax to 34%;
  • Withholding tax: 0% on dividend distributions to a resident company, nor to a non-resident in some cases;
  • Value-added tax rate: this is the state VAT, the ICMS, levied on the provision of certain types of goods and services, it ranges from 4% to 25%.

Our team specializing in taxation and company formation in Brazil can give you more details about the other types of taxes applicable in the country (including, but not limited to other indirect taxes on goods and services and social security contributions).

Opening a company in Brazil is easier with our help and the use of a virtual office can have a positive impact on your overall business expenditure.

You can contact us if you wish to know more about the requirements to open a company in the country.